Grilled chicken

OK4Dogs = YES

Health Risk = None (when cooked fully)
Side Effects = wants more

Category: Food
Sub-set: Meat group

Informational links: Chicken and Rice homemade dog food

Cooked chicken is an excellent source of protein for dogs.  Most dog food is protein-based and the most common meat is, you guested it, chicken.   Be sure the chicken breast does not contain any extra oils or seasonings.   When cut into small pieces it makes a wonderful treat.  Feed sparingly as treats, you don’t want your puppers to become a food snob

Don’t let it be your dogs only food,  a diet of pure protein lacks other vitamins and supplements and cooking meats destroy some of the nutrients your animals need.  Steaming or boiling the chicken is the healthiest cooking methods, as those are the least destructive to the nutrients in the meat.

You should never give dogs the bones from chickens they are more brittle and can shatter and cause choking and throat lacerations.

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