OK4Dogs = NO

Health Risk = Moderate (not poisonous)
Side Effects = upset tummy, pancreatitis

Category: Food
Sub-set: Protein

Informational links: Johnsonville Brats info

What? Furr-real….Well yes, sorry puppies, fatty foods, and most notably pork products, are known to trigger pancreatitis in dogs.

One of the jobs of the pancreas is to secrete enzymes into the intestines to help break down food. When the pancreas becomes inflamed, the enzymes leak into and start digesting surrounding abdominal tissue!  This condition is not only painful, but also in the worst cases it can be deadly.  Dogs with pancreatitis usually stop eating and drinking, repeatedly vomit, develop diarrhea and have severe abdominal discomfort. Treatment often includes intensive supportive care, pain medications, and a special low-fat diet when the dog leaves the veterinary hospital.

There are no hard and fast rules about which dog will get pancreatits. There are many factors that contribute to the disease. Breed, genetics, obesity, fatty meals and certain medications have all been linked to pancreatitis. Some dogs develop low-grade pancreatitis and recover without so much as a trip to the vet. Others develop complications from the disease and die despite heroic efforts in the veterinary hospital. It’s a terrible game of Russian roulette.

So, let’s not take any unnecessary chances. Just pick up that fallen brat and give the dog his evening scoop of kibble instead. And let’s get back to celebrating our Independence Day.

This information comes straight from St. Bernard’s Animal Medical Center –
hank you [  ] for keeping us pet parents informed.



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