About the Pups!

First of there are a couple of mutts behind this whole idea that deserve introduction.

Meet Hodor and Tyrion – the Bassglehunds  –
Born March 2015
& adopted memorial day weekend 2016.

What are Bassglehunds you say?
Basset-Beagle-Dachshunds. The name stems from the look of our pair of  litter-mates from  a female Basset Hound.  What had happened was… Momma got loose at some point and started gaining weight, and about the time the owners decided to cut down their food supply, they realized it was not fat, they were to have puppies soon.

After some questioning, one of their neighbors remembered seeing momma Basset cavorting with a “beagle-y looking mutt”, who promptly split after he got what he wanted form the first date.   At first the puppies all looked the same, but they soon developed into totally different looking hounds.  Owner could not care for them all and put out a call to save them from the shelter.  After some arm twisting and a visit to see the little mutts just starting to scramble around, I gave in to the will of the wife and got not one, but two of them,  becoming a first-time pet owner at 40+ years old.

Their given names came from that first trip out to evaluate the pups.   We decided (I was brew-beat into it by woman and boy) to go over to visit the owners (puppies) and share some BBQ and Game of Thrones DVD’s to catch up on missed plots from previous seasons.  Ended up being stuck at their house till after 3AM while a horrible storm blew in and formed a tornado that blasted through the neighboring town just few miles away.  So what did we do, stood on the porch until the rain started blowing sideways and a tree fell on the roof, then retreated to the interior to watch some “Thrones” and not worry about the impending doom outside. That was when decided that ours were the big white one and short dark haired fellow.  Fans of the show will understand.  And as they have grown, boy have they taken on those personas.