Before you whistle for your dog to come grab that Brat that just rolled off your bun onto the lawn, think twice. Pork Bad.

We Eats Stuffs

Every pet owner has thought on occasion “Is that OK for the dog to eat?”
I’m determined to assemble a funny and informative list of what is good, safe, bad, and dangerous for your pets to get into

Baked Beans

Baked beans are a southern staple for picnics and BBQ’s, but you should keep them away from your best friend.

Grilled chicken

A recent trip to Fuzzy’s taco prompted me to look up grilled chicken, and although I ended up not letting them have the restaurant meat, I did learn that unseasoned chicken is really good.

Cheesy Poofs

While they are not specifically harmful to your pet, they are not good for their diet, and can cause digestive distress. Give a dog a dog treat.

Mosquito Dunks

Great for fighting mosquitoes around your home and no threat to people or pooches. But keep them out of reach when storing and don’t let them eat the discs.


Healthy vitamins and minerals but can produce some potentially unwanted byproducts.