We Eats Stuffs

Every pet owner has thought on occasion “Is that OK for the dog to eat?”  As a first time pet owner at 40 I have been forced to learn an entire new subject who’s scope reaches far beyond my original understanding of what it takes to care for a pet.  One of those moments spawned me to check this domain and it was available!!!  Thus ok4dogs.com was born.

It’s going to take a while, but I’m determined to assemble a funny and informative list of what is good, safe, bad, and dangerous for your pets to get into.  Anyone with a story to tell please feel free to submit.  I can’t do this alone.

Email your comments or stories our marketing reps :
Hodor@ok4dogs.com   -or-  Tyrion@ok4dogs.com
File Jun 30, 10 26 48 AM                          Tyrion

Read more about them in the [About] link above.

WE ARE NOT VETERINARIANS – Most content is sourced from reliable websites and common sense.  We will do our best to provide links to all data and factual public information.  Dogs are not all the same, what’s OK for some might not be good for another, as a blanket disclaimer for all the posts, these are our opinions for our dogs and their experiences.

PLEASE – If there is ever a question about something your dog eats that may be harmful, CALL YOUR VET!

We love our pet doctors at The Alvarado Veterinary Clinic
6800 East Highway 67 Alvarado, TX 76009
ph: 817.783.2257 fax: 817.783.3641


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