Baked Beans

OK4Dogs = NO

Health Risk = Moderate (not poisonous)
Side Effects = upset tummy, gas

Category: Food
Sub-set: Protein

Informational links: Bush’s original baked beans information

If Duke really could talk and tell you the Bush’s secret recipe, he would also tell you to not give them to his furry brethren.  While beans are not bad for dogs, [There will be a link here later] , baked beans contain a variety of ingredients that are not healthy.  Sugar, salt, onions, garlic and worst of all, the think tomato-based sauce can cause digestive distress.

If they lick up a few off the floor or get into the trash, you should be fine, monitor them for signs of illness.  If they run off with the whole tray you should certainly consult a veterinarian.


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